Letter-writing, 1912 (wc on paper) by Carl Larsson

Letter-writing, 1912 (wc on paper)

(Briefeschreiben, 1912 (WC auf Papier))

Carl Larsson

Art Nouveau
scandanavian · painting · swedish · sweden · scandanavia · daily life · domesticity · home · arts and crafts · interior · female · seated · desk · concentration · concentrating · pensive · thoughtful · letter writing · working · plait · hairstyle · style · design · furniture
Letter-writing, 1912 (wc on paper) by Carl Larsson
Undated   ·  watercolour on paper  ·  8.5 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 389557   ·  Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, Sweden / bridgemanimages.com
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Briefeschreiben, 1912 (WC auf Papier) (AT) Briefeschreiben, 1912 (WC auf Papier) (DE) Briefeschreiben, 1912 (WC auf Papier) (CH) Letter-writing, 1912 (wc on paper) (GB) Letter-writing, 1912 (wc su carta) (IT) Lettres, 1912 (wc sur papier) (FR) Briefschrijven, 1912 (wc op papier) (NL) Escritura de cartas, 1912 (wc en el papel) (ES) Письмо, 1912 (туалет на бумаге) (RU) पत्र-लेखन, 1912 (कागज पर wc) (HI) 写信,1912年(纸上写着) (ZH) Cartas, 1912 (wc no papel) (PT)

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