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Artists in the Spotlight: Ramon Casas i Carbo
Portrait von Ramon Casas i Carbo The Catalan Ramon Casas i Carbó was born in Barcelona and returned there at the end of his life. His most famous works were created during his stay in Montmartre, including his self-portrait "Ramon Casas and Pere Romeu on a tandem", which shows him together with a friend. Casas i Carbó was born the son of a wealthy family and devoted himself entirely to his artistic interests. In 1912, his mother, at his request, bought a Benedictine monastery, which he rebuilt after her death according to his architectural ideas. In the course of his life, many social and political figures, including Pablo Picasso, had their portraits painted by him. From 1894 onwards, Casas i Carbó devoted itself increasingly to social issues. He painted the "Court of the old Barcelona prison" or city views with crowds of people, as in "The Garrote" or "The Corpus Christi Procession from the Church of Santa Maria del Mar". This is followed by series of portraits of women and nude paintings. In 1896 Casas i Carbó opened the Café Els Quatre Gats in Barcelona, which became a magnet for the most famous artists of its time. From 1898 he edited a magazine of the same name and published many of his drawings in it. This was the first time the "Modernisme Català" received international attention. After a trip to the USA in 1924, where Casas i Carbó continued to make portraits, his later works, which he produced until his death in 1932, are again much more conventional.

The Sacred Heart, Montmartre The Corpus Christi Procession Leaving the Church of Santa Maria del Mar Laziness Ramon Casas and Pere Romeu on a Tandem Ramon Casas and Pere Romeu in an Automobile Syphilis Poster Corpus Christi procession leaving the Church of Santa Maria del Mar, 1898 Portrait of Pablo Picasso The Sad Hours, c.1900 (oil on canvas) Interior of the Galette Mill Outdoors Portrait of King Alfonso XIII of Spain Study Royal Automobile Club of Catalonia Poster Julia Portrait of Josep Maria Sert 1874-1945 The Coach House, 1907 Punch with four cats Self-portrait Portrait of Santiago Rusiñol Eating Al Fresco Female Figure Headpiece for the magazine Pèl i Ploma
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