Mondaufgang am Meer by Caspar David Friedrich

Mondaufgang am Meer

(Moonrise at the sea)

Caspar David Friedrich

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women · melancholy · coast · sunset · beach · shore · ocean · loss · boat · nature
Mondaufgang am Meer by Caspar David Friedrich
1822   ·  Öl auf Leinwand  ·  9.6 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 23585
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In creating this painting, Caspar David Friedrich focused on the moonrise. This is the only source of light in "Moonrise at the Sea" and thus makes all other aspects of the picture shine in its splendor. Thus, in spite of the relative darkness, a variety of colors that extend over the entire screen are apparent.

Only in the foreground is the light of the moon barely arrived. The viewer gets a glimpse of the coarse rock outlines on the shores of the sea. Large and small brownish stones are visible here. Right in the middle of the picture is the biggest rock. On this rock sit three people whose countenance shines in the moonlight. There is a man with a hat next to two women. Separated, these three people are through a small gap between the man and the woman sitting right. The moonlight illuminates their bodies so strongly that at least the reddish color of the women's skirts and the blue tops are perceptible. All three persons seem to look longingly out to the sea. It is not entirely clear whether they are surveying the moonrise and the resulting colors or the two sailing ships that are approaching the coast. These two ships are clearly visible on the left side of the picture. Due to the lack of lighting, however, they are dark and free of any color.

The light of the moon extends at least in the rear area over the wide sea surface on which the ships are located. On the horizon, this hits the sea particularly hard and makes it shine in an orange tone. Above the sea, the moon itself is still partially hidden behind a violet cloud cover to be able to illuminate the sky in orange and pink tones further up. Caspar David Friedrich placed the moon exactly between the sailing ships and the gaze of the people, as if they were sitting directly next to the moon and yet so far away. The longing seems to be great. © Meisterdrucke
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Mondaufgang am Meer (AT) Mondaufgang am Meer (DE) Mondaufgang am Meer (CH) Moonrise at the sea (GB) Moonrise by the Sea (IT) Moonrise par la mer (FR) Moonrise bij de zee (NL) Salida de la luna en el mar (ES) Восход луны на море (RU) समुद्र पर चंद्रमा (HI) Nascer da lua no mar (PT)

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