Painting Frames Ivette

Painting Frames "Ivette"

Gold mit Ornament • Serie: Edge • Width: 94mm • Height: 46mm
Those who do not like to surround themselves with everyday life, but rather love the beautiful and individual in their surroundings, will also choose their home accessories accordingly. Art lovers who want to have their art prints framed separately have the opportunity to have a one-of-a-kind created by hand. The painting frame Ivette from the Edge series is one of them and is tailored to every wish and designed accordingly. The base of the precious wood shows a proud 94 mm in width from the top to the bottom wood border. The frame again measures 46 mm at its widest point. This elevation immediately follows the outer last section with which the work of art begins in wood. The wood rises into the room like a bulbous hill and flattens inwards towards two further filigree, straight strips. The first of them is kept simple and shows like a thin line almost as a demarcation from the second thin bar. For this 12 mm high wooden border, the designers have created a chain-style design. At a suitable distance and yet lined up, small, shiny spheres are presented here, which form a delicate chain in the overall picture. While this inner chain of ornaments shows round elements, the outer border is equipped with decorative elements that, like elongated lenses in italic style, are arranged close together. The chain strips have in common that there are small gaps between their ornaments, which serves to further loosen up the overall picture. The different shapes, the round and the oval, form a beautiful contrast as the inner and outer bar of the main front, which thus appears to be skillfully framed. The main bar is made of wood that is curved outwards and draws attention as a wide, soft bar. The smooth real wood is complemented by large-format elements that are arranged in a floral baroque style so that they appear in every corner of the frame and exactly in the middle on each side of the frame. Since Ivette belongs to the so-called royal class of frames, this decorative frame is also carefully made by hand. This means that the ornaments are only applied to the skirting board by hand after the desired cutting of the wood. Of course, care is taken here with care, so that not only are the distances from one ornament to the other accurately maintained, but also each ornament is placed in such a way that it makes the frame that classic among the frames. The tendrils and palmettes typical of the Baroque period adorn the floral objects. Objects arranged on the bar take their place in the middle of the width of the frame. The elements placed in the corners, on the other hand, take out a little more and skillfully send longer tendrils to the inside of the frame. What also distinguishes the Yvette frame is the color gold, which surrounds the whole frame in a bright and shiny way.
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