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La Pie by Claude Monet

La Pie

(The Magpie)

Claude Monet

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la pie · winter scene · impressionist · snow · landscape · bird · gate · hedge · shadow · fence
La Pie by Claude Monet
1869   ·  Öl auf Leinwand  ·  224.63 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 45176   ·  Musee d'Orsay, Paris, France / bridgemanimages.com
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Kirsten S.
Art print on Canvas glossy, 74cm x 50cm, stretched on stretcher.

John S.
As expected
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Original comment: Wie erwartet
Art Print on Photo paper glossy, 59cm x 40cm.

Marijana K.
My daughter was really happy about the picture!
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Original comment: Meine Tochter hat sich riesig gefreut über das Bild!
Art print on Canvas glossy, 120cm x 81cm, with 8cm additional border (White) ​​stretched on stretcher. With painting frame 'Carlotta'.

Eva V.
Art Print on Canvas glossy, 59cm x 40cm.

Luisa G.
Art print on Canvas glossy, 40cm x 27cm, stretched on stretcher. With painting frame 'Vittoria'.

Harry W.
Art Print on Photo paper glossy, 40cm x 27cm.
The painting "The Magpie" is one of the best of the 140 snow landscape paintings painted by Claude Monet. By the time this painting was made, several artists created similar winter paintings, which is why art historians believe there were a number of severe winters in France. Claude Monet was visibly impressed by the winter landscape. He liked to paint the landscape in his style, even if it was criticized at that time. When painting winter landscapes, the cold was made more difficult. One journalist said that he had watched Claude Monet: "It was in winter, during several days of snow. It was cold enough to split stones. We noticed a foot warmer, an easel, then a man wrapped in three coats, his hands in gloves, his face half frozen. It was Monet who was studying a snow effect. " © Meisterdrucke
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Die Elster (AT) Die Elster (DE) Die Elster (CH) The Magpie (GB)
Il Magpie, 1869 (IT) La Pie (FR) De taart (NL) La urraca (ES) Пирог (RU)
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Die Elster (AT) Die Elster (DE) Die Elster (CH) The Magpie (GB) Il Magpie, 1869 (IT) La Pie (FR) De taart (NL) La urraca (ES) Пирог (RU) द पाई (HI) A torta (PT)

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