After the Rain, 1902 (pastel on paper) by Max Liebermann

After the Rain, 1902 (pastel on paper)

(Nach dem Regen, 1902 (Pastell auf Papier))

Max Liebermann

boat · steamship · ship · hamburg · elbe river · hamburg
After the Rain, 1902 (pastel on paper) by Max Liebermann
1902   ·  pastel on paper  ·  18.89 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 230774   ·  Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg, Germany /
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Nach dem Regen, 1902 (Pastell auf Papier) (AT) Nach dem Regen, 1902 (Pastell auf Papier) (DE) Nach dem Regen, 1902 (Pastell auf Papier) (CH) After the Rain, 1902 (pastel on paper) (GB)
After the Rain, 1902 (pastello su carta) (IT) Après la pluie, 1902 (pastel sur papier) (FR) After the Rain, 1902 (pastel op papier) (NL) Después de la lluvia, 1902 (pastel sobre papel) (ES) После дождя, 1902 (пастель на бумаге) (RU)
वर्षा के बाद, 1902 (कागज़ पर पेस्टल) (HI) 雨后,1902年(纸上粉彩) (ZH) Depois da chuva, 1902 (pastel sobre papel) (PT)

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