Queen Henrietta Maria, c.1633  by Anthony van Dyck

Queen Henrietta Maria, c.1633

(Königin Henrietta Maria, um 1633)

Anthony van Dyck

costume · female · queen consort · royal · cuff · wife · fabric · sumptuous · french · queen henrietta maria · royalty · king charles i · lace · monarchy · pearl · jewellery · silk · formal · three-quarter · portrait · collar · dress · pearls · queen · king · cuffs · length · consort · jewelry · ruler · henrietta · charles · maria · france
Queen Henrietta Maria, c.1633 by Anthony van Dyck
1633   ·  oil on canvas  ·  22.39 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 632404   ·  Collection of the Earl of Pembroke, Wilton House, Wilts. / bridgemanimages.com
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Königin Henrietta Maria, um 1633 (AT) Königin Henrietta Maria, um 1633 (DE) Königin Henrietta Maria, um 1633 (CH) Queen Henrietta Maria, c.1633  (GB) Regina Henrietta Maria, 1633 circa (IT) La reine henrietta maria, c.1633 (FR) Koningin Henrietta Maria, c.1633 (NL) Reina Henrietta Maria, c.1633 (ES) Королева Генриетта Мария, ок.1633 (RU) क्वीन हेनरीटा मारिया, सी। १३३३ (HI) 女王Henrietta Maria,c.1633 (ZH) Rainha Henrietta Maria, c.1633 (PT)

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