Edward Becher Leacroft of Wirksworth by Joseph Wright of Derby

Edward Becher Leacroft of Wirksworth

(Edward Becher Leacroft von Wirksworth)

Joseph Wright of Derby

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Edward Becher Leacroft of Wirksworth by Joseph Wright of Derby
1762   ·  Öl auf Leinwand  ·  46.3 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 14668
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Edward Becher Leacroft von Wirksworth (AT) Edward Becher Leacroft von Wirksworth (DE) Edward Becher Leacroft von Wirksworth (CH) Edward Becher Leacroft of Wirksworth (GB) Edward Becher Leacroft di Wirksworth (IT) Edward Becher Leacroft de Wirksworth (FR) Edward Becher Leacroft van Wirksworth (NL) Edward Becher Leacroft de Wirksworth (ES) Эдвард Бехер Ликрофт из Вирксворта (RU) एडवर्ड बीचर विर्कवर्थ का प्रस्थान (HI) Wirksworth的Edward Becher Leacroft (ZH) Edward Becher Leacroft de Wirksworth (PT)

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