Vesuvius in Eruption by Joseph Mallord William Turner

Vesuvius in Eruption

(Vesuv in Eruption)

Joseph Mallord William Turner

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Vesuvius in Eruption by Joseph Mallord William Turner
1817   ·  Wasserfarbe auf Papier  ·  34.61 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 14922
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Jürgen K.
Art print on Canvas glossy, 100cm x 72cm, stretched on stretcher. With painting frame 'Melina'.

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Art print on Canvas glossy, 50cm x 36cm, stretched on stretcher.

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Art Print on Photo paper matte/satin, 119cm x 86cm.

Jürgen G.
Art Print on Photo paper matte/satin, 119cm x 86cm.
It was the fascination with volcanic eruptions that drove artists to capture these incredible forces of nature on canvas. Geologists laid the foundation for the enthusiasm as early as the 18th century and the eruptions of Mount Vesuvius increased interest. Between 1794 and 1822, the Italian volcano was so active that geology and volcanism became dominant in Europe. Scientists developed a feeling for changes in the climate. Artists were masters in observing nature's processes and were captivated by incorporating the changes in their works.

The English painter Turner moved in circles of scientists and saw in the lavaspeienden outbreaks of mountains not only a scientific aspect. He attributed to the landscape-defining Vesuvius with its force of nature an aesthetic beauty. Turner had visited southern Italy during the period of the painting and made numerous sketches of the landscape. The special play of light and the colors of Italy supported his theories of the power of light. Reaffirmed by the exchange with friends from the leading geology, the English painter devoted himself to the topic of volcanism. He experimented with light color and oil and his notions of eruption.

It was a publishing order that brought the painter of Romanticism to the easel and painted a series of watercolors of Vesuvius. There was a series about the volcano in different phases. The quiet mountain is portrayed as well as the most spectacular work of the series, the explosive eruption.

Bright as lightning shoots the fire from the top of the mountain and dips the smoky sky in a mystical light. Fire tones in ocher and orange set the scene. The painter is an experienced observer and connoisseur of the play of light. It makes the night-black sky shine and the sea a mirror of the heavenly happenings. Turner used a colored black to depict the dark elements of his watercolor. With admixtures of blue and green and an intense application of color, Turner achieves a contrast of light and dark. The mountain is at the center of the scene and is clearly depicted in detail. Atmosphere blurred in almost impressionistic colors, the landscape is captured.

The elaboration of the contrasts creates tension and shows the drama of the eruption of Vesuvius. Completely opposite is the representation of the observers at the bottom of the picture. Respect, but also peace and serenity radiate the figures who look at the bright sky by far. It looks like contemplating fireworks, free from the danger of burning hot lava and rock bombs. The serenity is transferred to the image viewer and the first impression is the beauty of the outbreak.

The well-founded knowledge of lighting conditions and color nuances in nature supported Turner, and so the works were created on the fire-spitting mountain based on the sketches of other artists. In fact, Turner did not experience the eruption himself. However, he was able to make the presentation due to his knowledge and thirst for knowledge. © Meisterdrucke
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Vesuv in Eruption (AT) Vesuv in Eruption (DE) Vesuv in Eruption (CH) Vesuvius in Eruption (GB) Il Vesuvio in Eruzione (IT) Vésuve en éruption (FR) Vesuvius in Uitbarsting (NL) Vesubio en erupción (ES) Везувий в извержении (RU) विस्फोट में विसुवियस (HI) Vesúvio em erupção (PT)

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