Salome by Bernardo Strozzi



Bernardo Strozzi

decapitation · hair · satisfaction · silver platter · woman · status · john the baptist · biblical · salome · jewels · hair · salome
Salome by Bernardo Strozzi
1630   ·  Öl auf Leinwand  ·  Picture ID: 1692
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Salome (IT) Salomé (FR) Salome (NL) Salomé (ES) Саломея (RU)
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Salome (AT) Salome (DE) Salome (CH) Salome (GB) Salome (IT) Salomé (FR) Salome (NL) Salomé (ES) Саломея (RU) Salome (HI) 莎乐美 (ZH) Salomé (PT) サロメ (JP) سالومي (AE)

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