Sell ​​your works as art prints

Offer your works with us as an art print!

Are you an artist yourself and would like to offer and sell your artworks professionally as art prints?
Then we cordially invite you to register for our artist program. We offer you a platform on which you can manage your profile yourself, upload your pictures, and even set the commission yourself. Your artworks appear like all of our other pictures on our website and can be ordered directly by our customers.

How does it work?

It's simple: upload your pictures and present yourself on our website. As soon as a picture of yours is sold, their commission appears in their account. It all happens automatically and you are in control of your pictures and sales at all times.

What do I have to do?

You register a customer account and click on 'Activate artist profile' in your account. Follow the instructions there and ask us to give you access to your personal artist profile. This happens usually within a few hours. Of course you will not incur any costs and the copyright of the pictures will of course always remain with you!

What do I get from that?

Apart from the intention to monetize your art, it naturally has the advantage of an increased reach for you. Our site of course primarily appeals to people who are interested in art. It is not uncommon for us to receive inquiries about the owner of the original works, and of course we forward such inquiries directly to you. Your pictures will also be shown on our homepage, we will advertise them on our social media channels and we are also happy to make press releases about the cooperation with you. So a lot of new people are made aware of you and your art. This means that you will definitely benefit from it, even if you don't sell anything.

What can I do to sell more?

We offer you the platform, logistics and also advertising. However, we recommend that you advertise it by yourself too. Make your customers, followers and friends aware of your artist profile. Link your pictures on your homepage or blog and post the links on your social media channels. Because the more often your picture is seen, the further it will of course be shown in the front. And the more people click on their picture, the higher the probability of a sale.

Is there any more information or help?

Of course. If you have any questions, please contact us. We are happy to help you. Simply by phone at +43 4257 29415 or by email to
Magdalena Cichon / Fichten
Magdalena Cichon / Fichten
The Origin of the World, 1866 Running wolf pup (charcoal and conte on paper) New Harmony, 1936. A Young Girl Defending Herself against Eros Vase with Twelve Sunflowers The Destruction of Herculaneum and Pompeii Lake Geneva, Seen from Chexbres Shinsh Suwa-ko Lesbian lovers, from Manpoku Wago-Jin, 1821, (colour woodblock print) Red Fuji The Dream of the Fishermans Wife Thunersee with Niesen Napoleon Crossing the Alps on 20th May 1800 View of the Dents-du-Midi from Champéry The Great Day of His Wrath, engraved by Charles Mottram (1807-76), published by Thomas McLean, London in 1857 (hand coloured engraving) Marie Kroyer seated in the deckchair in the garden by Mrs Bendsens house The big lawn The Great Piece of Turf, 1503 (bodycolours, heightened with opaque white on vellum) Poster advertising Fernand Clement bicycles The youth of Bacchus The youth of Bacchus, 1884. fish blood Starry Night The Grammont Morning in the Mountains The Kiss, 1907-08 oil on canvas detail of 601

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