Rosa Centifolia Bullata, engraved by Langlois, from Ancient Times, from De Figuris Veneris by F.K Forberg, engraved by the artist, 1900 Setting Sun, 1913 The Quiet River, 1913 Almond Blossom Still life with two red wine glasses Gazelles, 1913 (tempera on board) The Ancient of Days Flora, 1894 A Shunga (erotic print), from Manpoku Wago-Jin: seated lovers, 1821, (colour woodblock) Attersee The Kiss Rosa centifolia foliacea, Rosier a cent feuilles, foliace, from Les Roses, 1817-24 (hand-coloured stipple engraving) Peonies and Canary (Shakuyaku, kanaari), from an untitled series known as Small Flowers Danaë Two Musician Girls, Second Half of the 19th cen. Oak Grove, 1887 Some New Year Customs in Galloway The Apparition, c.1876 Portrait of Jeanne Hebuterne in a large hat, c.1918-19 Quince, Cabbage, Melon, and Cucumber, c.1602 Small zoological garden in brown and yellow The Geese, 1874 The Sun Meadows near Greifswald

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