Winter by Antoni Viladomat



Antoni Viladomat

village · viladomat · night · snow · cold · people · winter · children · mother · sticks
Winter by Antoni Viladomat
1730   ·  Öl auf Leinwand  ·  Picture ID: 950
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Winter (AT) Winter (DE) Winter (CH) Winter (GB)
Inverno (IT) Hiver (FR) Winter (NL) Invierno (ES) зима (RU)
सर्दी (HI) 冬季 (ZH) Inverno (PT) 冬 (JP) شتاء (AE)

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Winter (AT) Winter (DE) Winter (CH) Winter (GB) Inverno (IT) Hiver (FR) Winter (NL) Invierno (ES) зима (RU) सर्दी (HI) 冬季 (ZH) Inverno (PT) 冬 (JP) شتاء (AE)

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