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Painting Frames "Rina"

Silber gebürstet • 37mm
Graceful as a pencil drawing presents the picture frame Rina. As if the real wood frame should be a feat itself, worked here with great effects on the bar. The wooden strip has a height of 23 millimeters and a width of 37 millimeters. The rectangular wood is slightly rounded at the edges, creating an almost cozy, compact surround for the beloved artwork that is to be framed. Rina was given the color brushed silver, which in its entirety on the frame looks like the pencil drawing mentioned. On a bright, almost glittering silver tone, dark shades were brought in, which look like brushed. Once on one side or on both sides these "pencil lines" were applied diagonally to the wooden frame. Thus, it looks like striped, in places like diagonal checkered. They were blurred with blurring effects, so that now and then also blurred areas appear - as a pencil artist skillfully blurs this with the help of the index finger. The clear, bright surfaces appear so strong in contrast that they shine like silver.
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