Painting Frames Ilda

Painting Frames "Ilda"

Schwarz • Width: 39mm • Height: 39mm
The Ilda decorative frame is a black beauty. Black in a high-gloss finish, which is reminiscent of piano lacquer, Ilda beautiful about its total size of 39x39 mm. The real wood molding was limed gray beforehand before the designers of the frame started coloring. The idea at Ilda was a dark, shiny frame in a simple form. Because the dimensions here refer to a simple right-angled bar, without frills, without ornaments - the frame convinces with its dark simplicity. The structure is kept smooth, you can only see indicated brushworks that run parallel to the frame. At Ilda, concrete gloss effects were achieved with the addition of white. However, this was used very sparingly, just so that the white on the frame edges looks like a shiny reflection. The white on the edges is supported by various shades in reddish brown. White and brown are found on both the outer and inner edge frames. On both levels they resemble an old piano, which shows traces of time but has in no way lost good sound. This is how Ilda behaves - it is a framework for lovers of the classic who like to surround themselves with the tried and tested.
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