The effects of good government in cities by Ambrogio Lorenzetti

The effects of good government in cities

(Die Auswirkungen der guten Regierung in den Städten)

Ambrogio Lorenzetti

Gothic art  ·  Towns and villages
sienese costume · donkey · townscape · italy · wallpainting · town · ideal · peace · civilisation · medieval street scene · horse · horses
The effects of good government in cities by Ambrogio Lorenzetti
1338   ·  Fresko  ·  10.76 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 142421   ·  Palazzo Pubblico, Siena, Italy /
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City life vividly staged
Ambrogio Lorenzetti has in his fresco, the "effects of good government" very convincing in the picture. Even at first glance, the cheerful atmosphere can be recognized, activity determines the day in the lively Siena. How does the artist handle that?

Frontally, one looks at a typical Italian square, where numerous people meet in different functions: There are riders in the left third of the picture, who ride out of the action and a group of graceful female figures who hold in a circle on the hands. These are placed almost in the middle of the lower third of the picture and contribute decisively to the harmonious expression of the fresco through its dancing posture. They symbolize the virtue of "harmony".
In the right part of the picture, on the other hand, active life dominates the scene. We see mules, horses and craftsmen at work. A building with arcades lets one's gaze wander into spaces in which perhaps trade is made. No doubt: In this city, it can live well. People have work to eat, can move freely on the street and are all involved in their own life.
The impression of a protected, medieval life is reinforced by the security-giving wall, which can be seen on the right side. It limits the city, but also gives it a foothold and focuses the viewer's gaze.
This city can be called a thriving city. The multi-storey houses are stately buildings that catch eye with elaborate bay windows. Typical of the Middle Ages, numerous towers tower in the sky. They too are a symbol of the prosperity of the wealthy families who steer the city.

Fantastic colors
With rich palette, the Gothic painter creates a city that resembles today's Italian cities. The houses pull up the slope, are partly multi-storey and appear very well maintained. Each palazzo has an individual painting, giving the whole fresco a fresh, lively character. The painting invites you to immerse yourself in individual rooms, in houses or on the events in the streets. It is appealing to stay in one, then in the other. Merchants bring goods to the city. Farmers drive their animals through the street. Riders go through the city on their horse or lead it to a potion, while people spend their time in the rooms. This movement is fascinating. Unlike the usual saints at the time, this famous work is not static. Although the buildings are in their place. But just by the varied color palette nothing seems dull or even lifeless here. On the contrary! The lush colors create a moving subject, where the front and back, top and bottom, the entire perspective play a major role. No less important is the light. Lorenzetti creates bright and dark, partly in the shadow house walls and walls that make this everyday life felt by the beholder.

Even if there are several hundred years between the creation of the fresco and today - nothing has changed in the dynamics of people who can live in peace and prosperity. Here, the Italian color, the proverbial southern joie de vivre is unmistakable: At first glance, this painting stands in the middle of an Italian city. That, too, makes the appeal of the work.

"The Impact of Good Government in the Cities" is an allegory painted by Lorenzetti as a commission of four frescoes on the walls of the "Palazzo Pubblico". According to the most recent scientific investigations, the painter artistically adopted and interpreted quotes from the ancient Greeks, Romans and Augustine in these frescoes. As an expressive canvas print, the fresco invites more and more discussion. © Meisterdrucke
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Die Auswirkungen der guten Regierung in den Städten (AT) Die Auswirkungen der guten Regierung in den Städten (DE) Die Auswirkungen der guten Regierung in den Städten (CH) The effects of good government in cities (GB) Gli effetti del buon governo nelle città, i dettagli dall'Allegoria e gli effetti del governo buono e cattivo in città e in campagna, 1337-1343, Sala della Pace, Palazzo Publico, Siena (IT) Les effets du bon gouvernement dans les villes, les détails de l'allégorie et les effets du gouvernement bon et mauvais dans la ville et la campagne, 1337-1343, Palais de la Paix, Palazzo Publico, Sienne (FR) De effecten van goed bestuur in steden, detail van de Allegorie en effecten van goede en slechte overheid in stad en platteland, 1337-1343, Hall of Peace, Palazzo Publico, Siena (NL) Los efectos del buen gobierno en las ciudades, los detalles de la Alegoría y los efectos del buen y mal gobierno en la ciudad y el país, 1337-1343, Salón de la Paz, Palacio Público, Siena (ES) Эффекты хорошего правительства в городах, подробности из Аллегории и эффекты хорошего и плохого правительства в городе и стране, 1337-1343, Зал Мира, Палаццо Publico, Сиена (RU) शहरों में अच्छी सरकार के प्रभाव, रूपक से विस्तार और शहर और देश में अच्छी और बुरी सरकार के प्रभाव, 1337-1343, हॉल ऑफ पीस, पलाज़ो पब्लिको, सिएना (HI) 良好的政府在城市中的影响,详细信息来自城市和国家的寓言和好坏政府的影响,1337-1343,和平大厅,Palazzo Publico,锡耶纳 (ZH) Os efeitos do bom governo nas cidades, detalhes da Alegoria e efeitos do bom e mau governo na cidade e no país, 1337-1343, Salão da Paz, Palazzo Publico, Siena (PT)

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