The Swing  by Jean Honore Fragonard

The Swing

(Die Schaukel)

Jean Honore Fragonard

Rococo  ·  Famous masterpieces
lescarpolette · lovers · couple · voyeur · swinging · playful · garden · flirtatious · romantic · rococo · escarpolette · balancer · balancoire
The Swing by Jean Honore Fragonard
Undated   ·  Öl auf Leinwand  ·  40.69 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 66209   ·  Musee Lambinet, Versailles, France /
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Irene S.
Art Print on Canvas glossy, 25cm x 31cm, with 3cm additional border (White).

Erica S.
Art Print on FineArt Photo Satin, 35cm x 43cm, with 3cm additional border (Dark gray (greenish)).
Rococo, lightness and sensuality, playful decadence and upheaval. The French painter Fragonard, a master of this style and an eroticist, whose pictures did not always find favor with Louis XV because they seemed too revealing. Permissive? A young lady of nobility is rocking in a clearing of an unspoilt park. The tree is old and gnarled, like the overripe aristocracy of France 20-30 years before the outbreak of the French Revolution (1789). Over-refinement in clothing contrasts the primeval environment, which is still recognizable by the statues as a park. Keck throws the rocking beauty her right shoe in the air, while spreading her legs and a look under her rushing dress allows. Enthusiastically, the bushy man of aristocratic descent stretches out his hat, obviously fascinated by this game. In the background the swing holds and swings a slightly older lackey, the spouse or a lover. When the French Revolution broke out, Fragonard had to pack up and flee with his pictures to his hometown of Grasse, where he was born in 1732, the son of a poor perfume merchant. He died in 1806. His paintings are now mostly in the New York Frick Collection. © Meisterdrucke
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Die Schaukel (AT) Die Schaukel (DE) Die Schaukel (CH) The Swing  (GB) L&39;altalena (IT) La balançoire (FR) De schommel (NL) El columpio (ES) Качели (RU) झूला (HI) 秋千 (ZH) O balanço (PT) スイング (JP) الأرجوحة (AE)

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