Noonday heat by Henry Scott Tuke

Noonday heat

(Noonday Heat)

Henry Scott Tuke

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Noonday heat by Henry Scott Tuke
1902   ·  Öl auf Leinwand  ·  15.09 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 185304   ·  Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society, Falmouth, UK /
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Ralf K.
Art Print on Photo paper matte/satin, 120cm x 73cm.

Declan B.
Art print on Canvas Satin, 68cm x 41cm, stretched on stretcher.
It is the light, the blue sea and the special play of the clouds that has drawn artists to Cornwall for centuries on the English coast. Rugged rocks, clear water and a relaxed attitude to life are reflected in the painting noonday high. The midday heat burns down on the sandy beach in a hidden bay. Two young men enjoy the warmth and laze in the sun. The imagination is traveling. Were the two swimming? Are they friends? Are you a couple? Tuke lived for painting unclothed male adolescents. He created a tribute to the living bodies of young men, without the exposure of the persons. The two young men on the beach do not touch. The mood is relaxed, maybe romantic, the viewer is not put into an act. The bodies look fresh and lifelike and stand out against rigid portraits of academia painting. Tuke used his sense of color and light in skilful Impressionist understanding of art. The viewer feels the skilful capture of the natural light and the appreciation of his models. Coarse brush strokes support the light play of the painting and indicate the emotional connection of the artist. The painter took the risk of decoupling naked bodies from the context of mythology and religion. An unconventional approach that caused a clear rejection in critics. Freedom of movement to present beauty was little tolerated in the late 19th century. © Meisterdrucke
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Mittagshitze (AT) Mittagshitze (DE) Mittagshitze (CH) Noonday Heat (GB) Caldo di mezzogiorno (IT) Chaleur de midi (FR) Geen hitte (NL) Calor del mediodía (ES) Полуденная жара (RU) दोपहर की गर्मी (HI) 正午的热量 (ZH) Calor ao meio-dia (PT) 昼の暑さ (JP) حرارة الظهيرة (AE)

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