Orchard with roses by Gustav Klimt

Orchard with roses

(Obstgarten mit Rosen)

Gustav Klimt

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landscape · garden scene · fruit · wild flowers
Orchard with roses by Gustav Klimt
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Torsten W.
Art print on Canvas glossy, 101cm x 100cm, stretched on stretcher. With painting frame '?'.

Michael G.
Art print on Canvas glossy, 77cm x 76cm, stretched on stretcher.

Claudia R.
Art print on Canvas glossy, 60cm x 59cm, stretched on stretcher.

Ole T.
Art print on Canvas matte, 35cm x 35cm, stretched on stretcher.
The Viennese painter Gustav Klimt is world famous for his Art Nouveau paintings with a lot of gold. "Orchard with roses" behaves differently: the lush, blazing colors in nature are enough for the artist to bring a work of perfect beauty to the screen. The viewer literally bathes in a sea of ??colors. On the left side of the picture is a narrow path to see. This leads along a flower meadow with powerful red flowers, which are distributed in the background as small Einsprengsel. Here is the summer full of action. Flowering fruit trees with green apples in the complementary color look like big brothers of the flowers protecting their branches over them. This meadow area is an idyll, evoking a harmony of paradisiacal beauty in the company of delicate pink hedge roses. No figure disturbs the picture: thus, the viewer has this scenery always alone! © Meisterdrucke
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