(Benton Mills) by Carleton E. Watkins

(Benton Mills)

((Benton Mills))

Carleton E. Watkins

hills · bridge · valley · water · building · mill · wood · benton · workers · ladder
(Benton Mills) by Carleton E. Watkins
1860   ·  Fotografie  ·  13.99 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 2937
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(Benton Mills) (AT) (Benton Mills) (DE) (Benton Mills) (CH) (Benton Mills) (GB) (Benton Mills) (IT) (Benton Mills) (FR) (Benton Mills) (NL) (Benton Mills) (ES) (Бентон Миллс) (RU) (बेंटन मिल्स) (HI) (本顿米尔斯) (ZH) (Benton Mills) (PT) (ベントンミルズ) (JP) (بنتون ميلز) (AE)

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