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Leerrahmen by Unbekannt

Painting Frames "Elga"

Eisen • 45mm
With everything an artist's studio has to offer utensils, the creators of the picture frame Elga seem to have experimented. Brushes in different sizes and thicknesses, sponges, water and many different shades of a beautiful brown were definitely used when the real wood frame was made in the design. On its otherwise simple design in rectangular, rounded bar, with a height of 21 millimeters and a width of 45 millimeters, this wild color combination was applied. At the beginning of the end of the frame, the introduction was made hesitantly with a very thin black line. This is followed in each case at the top and bottom also rather narrow stripes, which also seem quite delicate with a wood grain in light brown, until the wild middle part pours in an explosion of shades of brown. Anyone who has given free rein to his imagination created an interesting surface. From light brown dots that cover the frame like stars in the sky, to elements that look like water spots, to the soft, dark deep brown of frame Elga.
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