Portrait of the Duque de Agrada, c.1805  by Spanish School

Portrait of the Duque de Agrada, c.1805

(Portrait des Duque de Agrada, c.1805)

Spanish School

male · portrait · brocade · medal · duke · spaniard · coat of arms · three-quarter length · ink well · quill pen · writing set
Portrait of the Duque de Agrada, c.1805 by Spanish School
1805   ·  Öl auf Leinwand  ·  10.17 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 95883   ·  Minneapolis Institute of Arts, MN, USA / bridgemanimages.com
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Portrait des Duque de Agrada, c.1805 (AT) Portrait des Duque de Agrada, c.1805 (DE) Portrait des Duque de Agrada, c.1805 (CH) Portrait of the Duque de Agrada, c.1805  (GB) Ritratto del Duque de Agrada, c.1805 (IT) Portrait du duc d'Agrada, v.1805 (FR) Portret van de hertog van Agrada, ca.1805 (NL) Portrait of the Duque de Gusta, c.1805 (ES) Портрет герцога Аграда, ок.1805 (RU) अग्रदा के ड्यूक की पोर्ट्रेट, c.1805 (HI) 公元前1世纪,阿格拉达公爵的肖像 (ZH) Retrato do duque de Agrada, c.1805 (PT)

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