Head of a boy (Alexandre-Evariste

Head of a boy (Alexandre-Evariste 'Fanfan' Fragonard), c.1785 (oil on card)

(Head of a boy (Alexandre-Evariste Fanfan Fragonard), c.1785 (oil on card))

Jean Honore Fragonard

male · portrait · child · oval · head and shoulders · gilt frame · rococo · ruff · lace collar · young
Head of a boy (Alexandre-Evariste 'Fanfan' Fragonard), c.1785 (oil on card) by Jean Honore Fragonard
Undated   ·  oil on card  ·  39.5 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 151086   ·  Huntington Library and Art Gallery, San Marino, CA, USA / bridgemanimages.com
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Kopf eines Jungen (Alexandre-Evariste Fanfan Fragonard), c.1785  (AT) Kopf eines Jungen (Alexandre-Evariste Fanfan Fragonard), c.1785  (DE) Kopf eines Jungen (Alexandre-Evariste Fanfan Fragonard), c.1785  (CH) Head of a boy (Alexandre-Evariste Fanfan Fragonard), c.1785 (oil on card) (GB)
Testa di un ragazzo (Alexandre-Evariste 'Fanfan' Fragonard), c.1785 (olio su carta) (IT) Tête d'un garçon (Alexandre-Evariste 'Fanfan' Fragonard), c.1785 (huile sur carte) (FR) Kop van een jongen (Alexandre-Evariste 'Fanfan' Fragonard), c.1785 (olie op kaart) (NL) Cabeza de un niño (Alexandre-Evariste 'Fanfan' Fragonard), c.1785 (óleo sobre la tarjeta) (ES) Голова мальчика (Александр-Эварист Фрагонар, Фрагонар), c.1785 (масло на карте) (RU)
एक लड़के के प्रमुख (अलेक्जेंड्रे-एवरिस्टे 'फैनफैन' फ्रैगनार्ड), c.1785 (तेल पर) (HI) 一个男孩的头(Alexandre-Evariste'Fanfan'Fragonard),1785(卡上油) (ZH) Cabeça de menino (Alexandre-Evariste 'Fanfan' Fragonard), c.1785 (óleo no cartão) (PT)

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