Map of Hamburg showing its first Opera House, 1690  by German School

Map of Hamburg showing its first Opera House, 1690

(Karte von Hamburg seine erste Oper zeigt, 1690)

German School

Cultures  ·  cartography
town · theatre · culture · music · aerial view
Map of Hamburg showing its first Opera House, 1690 by German School
1690   ·  Gravur  ·  22.41 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 41310   ·  Private Collection /
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Karte von Hamburg seine erste Oper zeigt, 1690 (AT) Karte von Hamburg seine erste Oper zeigt, 1690 (DE) Karte von Hamburg seine erste Oper zeigt, 1690 (CH) Map of Hamburg showing its first Opera House, 1690  (GB) Mappa di Amburgo che mostra la sua prima Opera House, 1690 (IT) Carte de Hambourg montrant son premier Opéra, 1690 (FR) Kaart van Hamburg met zijn eerste operagebouw, 1690 (NL) Mapa de Hamburgo que muestra su primera casa de la ópera, 1690 (ES) Карта Гамбурга с указанием его первого оперного театра, 1690 (RU) हैम्बर्ग का मानचित्र अपना पहला ओपेरा हाउस, 1690 दिखा रहा है (HI) 汉堡地图显示其第一个歌剧院,1690年 (ZH) Mapa de Hamburgo mostrando sua primeira Opera House, 1690 (PT)

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