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Machete (metal) by African

Machete (metal)

(Machete (Metall))


weapon · sword · knife · sharp · head · handle · human · metalwork
Machete (metal) by African
Undated   ·  metal  ·  0.17 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 581068   ·  Private Collection / bridgemanimages.com
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Machete (Metall) (AT) Machete (Metall) (DE) Machete (Metall) (CH) Machete (metal) (GB)
Machete (metallo) (IT) Machette (métal) (FR) Machete (metaal) (NL) Machete (metal) (ES) Мачете (металл) (RU)
मैचे (धातु) (HI) Machete (metal) (PT)

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Machete (Metall) (AT) Machete (Metall) (DE) Machete (Metall) (CH) Machete (metal) (GB) Machete (metallo) (IT) Machette (métal) (FR) Machete (metaal) (NL) Machete (metal) (ES) Мачете (металл) (RU) मैचे (धातु) (HI) Machete (metal) (PT)

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